Aoiyama on track for a record?

The second Bulgarian grapller in Japan, Aoiyama Kosuke, is moving fast through the basement of the sumo and may be on track to set a record for the fastest progress to the top division in sumo – Makuuchi. Aoiyama, real name Daniel Ivanov, swoop the 2010 Osaka basho in Makushita division with seven wins and is now close to promotion to the second highest sumo division – Jurio.

The record for the fewest tournaments from their professional debut to their top division debut is currently held by the other Bulgarian sumo wrestler – ozeki Kotooshu, and Aran. They accomplished this with 11 tournaments.

Aoiyama made his professional debut in May 2009 and spent only a single tournament in each three of the lowest four divisions – Jonokushi (his last basho under the shikona Aoiyama Kiyohito), Jonidan, and Sandanme, before earning promotions in upper divisions. However, the real grinder is just about to begin.

Comment: As of the last basho of 2010, Aoiyama missed on the chance to break this record. After 14 tournaments, he eventually reached Makuuchi as East Maegashira 16 for the November 2011 basho.