Kotoshogiku promoted to Ozeki

TOKYO (Nihon Sumo Kyokai, The Japan Times) The Nihon Sumo Kyokai was proud to announce that on September 28, 2011, following a special board of directors meeting, sekiwake Kotoshogiku from Sadogatake Beya was promoted to the rank of ozeki.

Kotoshogiku was promoted to the ozeki rank after an impressive 12-3 record at the September 2011 basho. With an accumulated 33-12 win/loss record since May 2011, the Fukuoka native will receive massive support from more than a million Fukuoka inhabitants when he first steps foot on the dohyo at the Kokusai Center. Expectations are high for the local boy.

Kotoshogiku is the first Japanese to be promoted anew to the ozeki rank in over four years since former ozeki Kotomitsuki and long time ozeki Kaio (another Fukuoka native) recently retired. The eyes of a nation of sumo fans will be focused on Kotoshogiku Kazuhiro.